About Us

ProCell Therapies is a family-owned and operated business that was conceived to fill a void in the marketplace: surgical-quality material in the microchanneling realm. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our award-winning design, our lifetime guarantee on our products, and our top-quality manufacturing done in the United States.

ProCell is continuously evolving as the predominant device in the space in craftsmanship and quality. ProCell has never taken the shortcuts, nor the low-cost, high-margin options for which many other device companies have opted. As a result ProCell has garnered a reputation as the gold standard of microchanneling, having been recently awarded the Aestheticians’ Choice Award for best microchanneling device of 2018 (an award based on sheer number of votes, despite ProCell’s disadvantage to larger companies’ market share). ProCell continues to uphold and build on this reputation with our innovative product additions, excellent customer service, and our hands-on approach to helping our clients build their practice.

Meet the Executive Team

  • Mitchell Schwartz, MD, FAADChief Medical Officer, Co-Founder

    Dr. Schwartz founded and currently operates one of the largest cosmetic dermatology practices in the state of Vermont. He has contributed to many published clinical studies and has been helping his patients to look and feel their best for over 30 years. Through his consistent application of the latest technologies, Dr Schwartz has earned a reputation as one of the best cosmetic dermatologists in the country.

  • Daniel SchwartzChief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

    As a co-founder of ProCell Therapies, Dan specializes in new initiatives and client success programs. After studying mathematics at Davidson College, he built his business experience leading at a Fortune 100 company in sales and marketing management. With a “client-first” attitude and an unwavering work ethic, Dan’s commitment to the betterment of ProCell Therapies has become the driving force in his life.

  • Kyle ElliottDirector of Sales

    With 12 years of experience in sales management, Kyle brings a confident and focused approach to create new opportunities and drive sales. He oversees a state of the art training program to ensure excellence from our team, building business partnerships for symbolic growth and working to ensure we stay cutting-edge in a constantly evolving industry.