Mitchell E. Schwartz, M.D.

Mitchell E. Schwartz, M.D. & his team with be featuring his ground breaking "Livra" microchannel stamping & stem cell therapy system at the 2016 American Academy of Dermatology Meeting at the Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. March 4-7.

Dr. Schwartz will appear in booth # 3956 to discuss how the past successes of other technologies led him to develop Livra.

The Livra system provides a more precise and predictable skin rejuvenation & hair regrowth treatments, while being much faster and easier to use than previous devices.

Livra microneedling stem cell therapy

Livra is a complete system incorporating not just a more sophisticated machine, but also a host of anti-inflammatory, and rejuvenating stem cytokynes & hyaluronic acid in Dr. Schwartz's Microchannel Delivery Solution, (used during treatment), and his Cellular Renewal Serum & Healing Accelerator, (used at home after treatment).

Stop by booth 3956 at the 2016 AAD and find out from Dr. Schwartz himself what all the buzz is about!