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Microchanneling is the fastest growing skin rejuvenation treatment in the aesthetic industry, and fits nicely within the scope of practice of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals.

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Permanent Cosmetic Artists are among the leaders in microchanneling practice, and the top professionals in the nation will be gathering for their 25th annual convention at the fabulous Flamingo in Las Vegas!

When Collagen Induction Therapy came on the scene in the 1990's permanent makeup artists naturally found a fun and effective way to augment their practices with a profitable and effective element of skin rejuvenation, (after all your client's permanent cosmetic outcome looks better when their skin looks better, and clients are ready to pay for high quality aesthetic skin care). So C.I.T. was a natural fit for the Permanent Makeup Practitioner!

ProCell Therapies at the SPCP Convention microneedling
Now the Livra dermabrasion & microchannel stamping system from ProCell Therapies combines the most sophisticated delivery of Stem Cell Therapy augmented by the highest quality mesenchymal stem cell derived cytokines and growth factors for a complete skin rejuvenation therapy with incredible results, little recovery time and NO DOWNTIME!

The Holy Grail of Skin Rejuvenation is to deliver immediate results with no downtime. And Livra from ProCell Therapies gives the skin care practitioner, and the permanent makeup artist the ability to deliver just that to your clientele!

So visit the Trade Show Floor at the SPCP convention at the Flamingo in Las Vegas April 23 & 24, 2016 to see live demonstrations and find out how the Livra microchannel stamping system adds an interesting, fun and profitable skin rejuvenation element to your practice!