Microchanneling continues to hammer the aesthetic industry, we will be doing the same in Dallas at the Arlington Convention Center May 15-16 2016.

Livra NOW has a new attachment which will allow us to perform dermabrasion with just a quick snap into place and your ready!

Come check out or booth and watch our 2 in 1 Microchanneling & Dermabrasion machine work and see what sets ProcCell Therapies apart!

We will be triggering collagen induction therapy right before your eyes with our micro channel stamper so you can actually see how we are stimulating so many cytokine and growth factors which allows us to tackle treatments such as:

Live Demos


- Scar treatment

- Winkles and fine lines

- Hyper Pigmentation

- Stimulate Collagen

- Hair Regrowth


Livra from Procell Therapies is more effective, Less time, BETTER results.


We will look forward to seeing you there!