Home Care

Home Care
Home use customers are welcome to purchase our stem-cell based serums. You will be amazed at the power of these serums to revitalize your skin.  To learn more, see the "How it Works" section in the About Us menu of this website.  We will soon release new tools for home users that will change your daily skin regimen.

#1 Cellular Renewal Serum

#1 Cellular Renewal Serum supports cellular renewal and has potent regenerating properties which may improve skin firmness, elasticity, and tone.  Fine lines and wrinkles may diminish over time, and skin may... Learn More

$ 150.00

#2 Healing Accelerator Serum

#2 Healing Accelerator Serum contains powerful moisturizers, revitalizing actives and stem cytokines.  It also provides a lipophilic barrier to seal in hydrophilic serum ingredients, further enhancing their pro-healing anti-inflammatory effect.... Learn More

$ 95.00

Livra Wand - Box of 5

The magical serum delivery tool that creates tiny microchannels in your skin for serum delivery. For use between professional treatments to enhance treatment results. Compatible with Precision, Face and Body... Learn More

$ 75.00