MD Care

MD Care
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ProCell MD 10 Treatment Kit

ProCell Multi-Tool MD 1 Tip - Precision 0.50mm 1 Tip - Face 0.25mm 3 Tip - Face 0.50mm 3 Tip - Face 1.0mm 2 Tip - Body 1.0mm 1 Livra... Learn More

$ 1,234,567.00

ProCell MD 25 Treatment Kit

ProCell Multi-Tool MD 1 Tip - Precision 0.50mm 2 Tip - Face 0.25mm 8 Tip - Face .50mm 8 Tip - Face 1.0mm 4 Tip - Body 1.0mm 3 Livra... Learn More

$ 1,234,567.00

ProCell MD 50 Treatment Kit

ProCell Multi-Tool MD 1 Tip - Precision 0.50mm 5 Tip - Face 0.25mm 15 Tip - Face 0.50mm 15 Tip - Face 1.0mm 10 Tip - Body 1.0mm 5 Livra... Learn More

$ 1,234,567.00

ProCell Multi-Tool MD - Microdermabrasion/ MicroChannel Stamper

Our highest, MD-level tool, the ProCell Multi-Tool MD, combines  microdermabrasion and microchanneling in one affordable tool. The main function of the tool is to pretreat skin prior to dermatological applications and procedures. The... Learn More

$ 1,234,567.00

MicroChannel Delivery Serum (MD Strength 5x 1.7 mL vials)

Our MicroChannel Delivery Serum contains cytokines and growth factors derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell culture plus supplemental TGF beta-3 and IGF-1 from recombinant technology.  Nanotechnology delivery enhances penetration of... Learn More

$ 1,234,567.00

#1 Cellular Renewal Serum (MD Strength)

#1 Cellular Renewal Serum - MD Strength supports cellular renewal and has potent regenerating properties which may improve skin firmness, elasticity, and tone.  Fine lines and wrinkles may diminish over time, and... Learn More

$ 225.00

#2 Healing Accelerator Serum (MD Strength)

#2 Healing Accelerator Serum - MD Strength contains powerful moisturizers, revitalizing actives and stem cytokines.  It also provides a lipophilic barrier to seal in hydrophilic serum ingredients, further enhancing their pro-healing... Learn More

$ 145.00

Livra MD AfterCare Serum Duo -Trial Size

Two 5ml sample-size bottles of our MD strength aftercare serums (both serums included in single package). Learn More

$ 70.00